The 8th   International Fine Art Bao Competition Barcelona

Thirty artists will be selected to participate in a group exhibition to be held at ArtBao Gallery:
Press release: A press release will be written for each artist by the ArtBao gallery PR team.
Public Relations: ArtBao Gallery’s PR department welcomes private art buyers, art consultants, corporations, non-profit organizations, businesses and media representatives.
Advertising in the media: Advertising for the collective exhibition will be placed in the publication selected by the competition.
Opening Reception: All artists, their invitees and the Barcelona art community as a whole will be invited to the premiere. The event will be captured and promoted on ArtBao Gallery’s social media channels.
Email Invitations: Invitations promoting the exhibition and your work will be sent via email to ArtBao Gallery’s extensive mailing list.
List of galleries: The exhibition will be announced in the Barcelona art magazine, as well as on the ArtBao Gallery website and other art world sites.
Social Media: Your work will be promoted on various social media platforms, including the ArtBao Gallery Facebook page, which has over 100,000 followers.

Six artists will each receive a cash prize of $1,100.

Applications are accepted until April 25, 2024!